Since 1970 Erder Heating Systems is Israel's leading company in the field of electric floor heating installations. Erder Company has over 30 years of accumulated experience, dating back to the late 1960's, when Mr. Shabtai Erder specialized in electric floor heating for The National Electric Company. Erder Heating Systems is Israel's first and leading company to specialize in floor heating.
Mr. Shabtai Erder constantly strove to introduce the innovative method into Israeli private homes and is today considered a pioneer in the field, largely responsible for its successful implementation in thousands of homes over the years.

After dealing in the instructional and supervisory aspects of electric floor heating installations for The Electric Company, Mr. Erder founded the privately owned Erder Heating Systems Company.
The Company has been marketing and installing heating systems since the late 1960's and has since acquired a large and satisfied clientele of private home owners, apartment buildings & office buildings, all of whom continue to enjoy quality reliable heating.

Our heating systems are the sole systems fully certified and recommended by The Electric Company. The systems are all TI 900 certified by the Israeli Institution of Standards and the European CE standard. Erder's Heating System is the safest quality system around.